Spices I’ve Never Understood

I just had an absolute blast tasting a bunch of popular Eastern spices! I decided I wanted to write a recipe for chicken curry. After doing some research, I realized I had no idea what most of these spices tasted like. Turmeric, coriander, yellow mustard seeds? How was I possibly going to come up with the perfect blend? Well, I opened up a bunch of spice jars and started smelling and tasting. I added a bit of sea salt so I could better envision what it would taste like in a recipe. Eventually, I came up with what I’m hoping will be at least a good jumping off point. Is their a spice that you are intimidated by? Get to know it better. It might just be your new best friend. As for dinner tonight, get ready Darren!

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  1. I love making curry… and playing with the spices is such fun. I'll try and dig out some good curry recipes I have and send them your way if you want to try some.

  2. I would love that Jen! Curries are my new favorite obsession. They are so incredibly delicious and full of healing spices! I was so scared of them, but now…it's love.

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