Car Baked Cookies…

Car Baked Cookies
Yesterday, because I was clearly delirious from the heat, and because I just happened to have some homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer,
I told the girls that we could try and BAKE COOKIES IN OUR CAR!!!
It took almost three hours, but…
It totally worked!!!
We “preheated” the car by parking it in the hot sun for about an hour, put the cookies on the dashboard, and let the heat do it’s thing…
After allowing them to cool slightly, we had a cookie eating party!
You know what?!? They tasted like…freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
I was shocked.
We also tried to fry an egg…
Talk about a hot mess.
Oh well.
I’d rather have a car-baked-cookie party than an egg-off-the-sidewalk party anyways.
Next time, we’ll have to give oatmeal raisin a try…
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  1. No way! I can’t believe it baked the cookies AND that they still tasted good! I bet the kids had way too much fun with that experiment 🙂

  2. I know! I was shocked! Truth be told, I may have had more fun than the kiddos!!!

  3. This is sooo you!!!! I love it! I would like to be there when the oatmeal raisin experiment goes down!!!

  4. Too funny!

  5. That is AWESOME! What a fun experiment, I’m sure your girls loved it.

  6. Thanks Stephanie! We did have a great time!!!

  7. hey what is your fb page


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