Better Eating TV Segment on KCTV5

As promised, here is the link to the TV cooking segment I got to do last week!

For a little giggle, don’t miss the fact that, after making a point to look for a hot pad, I then proceed to use my bare hand to steady the baking sheet as I was taking the chicken tenders out of the “350 degree” oven. Oops! I guess I’m not Emmy material yet.

(Yes, it was my sweet husband that pointed out my blooper.)

Anyways, enjoy watching the clip and thank you again for all of your encouraging words and support. The producers have already booked me for a second show on November 12! (As long as I promise to properly use my hot pads.)

Alright, I’m off to photograph a recipe that I’ve appropriately nicknamed Christmas Crack.

This recipe and more of our family’s real food holiday favorites will be coming up soon!

PS — Thank you again for all of your patience and feedback on the new site! This is the first update that will be going out through my new email system. Please continue to let me know if anything is not working correctly. Hopefully all of the kinks will be worked out soon!

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