Tuesday Tidbits…storing the baking soda

Baking soda

Earlier this week, one of my friends called to tell me that her cookies tasted “dirty”.  After asking if she used clean measuring spoons, unscented dish towels, lined cookie sheets, etc… I admitted that I had no clue what went wrong. Later that day, as I went to grab the baking soda for one of my own cooking projects, it occurred to me that she may not be storing the baking soda properly. A quick text and my suspicions were confirmed. She stored her baking soda in an open box alongside her spices.

Let’s unpack that for a minute. Baking soda absorbs and neutralizes odors. That’s why we use it to keep our fridge smelling fresh, to treat stinky sneakers, or to clean our retainers. (Ugh, middle school flashbacks.)

If you store your baking soda alongside your other potent herbs and spices, it will not have as neutral of a flavor as if you store it away from those strong scents. (You should also replace both baking soda and baking powder every six months.)

For the best baked goods possible, store your baking soda in an airtight container  with other neutral smells. (Not in an open box like pictured above.) We store ours in a small cabinet with our flours, sugars and salts. Because these ingredients are often used for baking, I like to make sure that they are never exposed to the aromatics that I crave in my soups, stews, and curries.

With a new box of baking soda in a new location, my girlfriend will never have to worry about “dirty” cookies again.

Tuesday tidbits is a new series I’ve started to share the answers to questions I’m often asked via Facebook, email, or while teaching throughout the week. Hopefully, this will help us all master the best tips and techniques for creating food that will simultaneously excite the palate, heal the body, and nourish the soul!

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