EWG 2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List

EWG 2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List

The EWG 2013 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 list has just been updated!  Published yearly by the Environmental Working Group, the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List has been my go-to resource on the pesticide use in produce for years.

With local produce coming into season nationwide, this is an incredibly helpful guide on what we need to prioritize only purchasing organically at the farmer’s market. (Personally, it has also influenced what I am going to be planting in our backyard garden. I’d been on the fence about potatoes…after reading this, I’m taking the leap.)

Be sure to follow this link to the EWG’s website to download a free app for your smart phone, the latest information about genetically modified fresh produce, and to learn how to avoid these frankenfoods at the big box stores. You can also read this post about the 2012 Dirty Dozen list to learn more about the Environmental Working Group and why I think their work is so important.

Other than that, enjoy your Monday! I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours!

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  1. Heidi Hollenbach says:

    THANK YOU! I follow the Dirty Dozen list faithfully and this is the first I’ve seen of the new list. I appreciate you keeping us updated!!

  2. Deborah Nickloy says:

    Hi Katie,
    I met you at the Organic Food Expo here in KC, bought one of your cookbooks. Just tried my first recipe from the book… asparagus and spaghetti all carbonara… except I used broccoli (we aren’t fans of asparagus, especially my husband, but he loves broccoli), and since I’m gluten-free, I only keep a couple kinds of noodles on hand, so I used spiral noodles. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Even my husband really liked it… well, what wasn’t to like? he loves bacon, he loves broccoli, and that cheese just melted into the dish without taking over the flavor. Wow, I was so impressed. tomorrow I intend to try the classic bolognese even though I know it’s another noodle dish with many similar ingredients…. but I expect the flavor to be a lot different, and I have the ingredients already on hand, I intend to serve the extra steamed broccoli on the side. Just wanted to thank you, and tell you we loved our first try, will let you know about the next one!

    • Yay! Thank you so much for sharing Deborah! I am so glad that you loved the carbonara!!! Hope the bolognese was a huge hit as well…and yes, very different flavors!

  3. Corn on the clean 15?? R you kidding me


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