Rainbow Fruit Wands…Go-to healthy snacks for kids!

Rainbow Fruit Wands

Ever since Annie and Ellie were old enough to pick up a toy, they have gravitated toward all things fairy princess, especially wands. For that reason, I’ve been making these rainbow fruit wands as one of my go-to healthy snacks for kids since they’ve been old enough to eat real food. Versions of these rainbow fruit wands have made appearances at preschool parties, playdates, picnics with friends, birthday parties, and most recently, as a post T-ball treat to share with their team. When even the moms were oohing and ahhing, I started to wonder why they’ve never made an appearance here on Healthnut Foodie.

Think of the ones you see pictured above as a basic template. Then, feel free to make your own based on your family’s fruit preference, what looks best at the farmer’s market, or even just what happens to be on sale at your local grocer. Strawberries can take the place of watermelon, mango or papaya instead of the cantaloupe or pineapple, even green grapes followed by blueberries over the kiwi and purple grapes. However you assemble them, you are sure to get your own set of “oohs and ahhs” from the little princesses in your life. (If you are a parent of boys, I would probably change the name from rainbow fruit wands to rainbow fruit kabobs or even fruit daggers.)

So, are you one of the many people intimidated to cut your own tropical fruit, causing you to overspend by buying the precut versions at the grocer? If so, get excited. Yesterday morning, I filmed a segment for KCTV5, our local CBS affiliate. In it, I demonstrate just how easy it is to get inside these sweet gems. Lisa, the host, was actually shocked that you can dice a pineapple in less than a minute, promising never to buy the precut version again! It will air sometime next week and I will be sure to put up the link as soon as it goes live.

Until then, enjoy serving these rainbow fruit wands at your summer gatherings all season long. They are guaranteed to magically disappear faster than you can say bibbity boppity boo!


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  1. Lori Long says:

    Hi – I am still watching for the video on cutting pineapple in less than a minute…:-)
    I have to cut enough for 300 kabobs and thought it might be very helpful! lol

    Thanks so much. Lori


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