Eating to Fight Inflammation — Part One


Last Friday, I had the opportunity to lead one of the breakout sessions at the 16th Annual Speaking of Women’s Health Event. The session was titled “Fight Aches & Pains with a Four Letter Word! The Anti-Inflammatory Diet”. Basically educating those in attendance on what they should be eating to fight inflammation. As someone who has personally bounced back from multiple autoimmune diseases while eating to fight inflammation, it should come as no surprise that I was honored to be asked to speak on a subject that is so near and dear to my heart.

The week before the event, I was told to expect between 30 and 125 women at my lecture. I was working with The Culinary Center of Kansas City to make this event happen, so they went ahead and printed 125 copies of my outlines, and I made enough Southwest Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa to provide 125 samples. (It is a true superfood.)

About 30 minutes before the session was about to begin, I snuck out of the room and spent some time praying that God would handpick the women that would soon be entering the ballroom. I told Him that it didn’t matter to me whether that number was 30 or 125, my only request was that God would use my message to bring hope and change to each women in attendance.

After that, I reviewed my notes, exchanged a bit of small talk with my mom, and distracted myself with a quick post on Facebook. As the welcome session let out and the women were dismissed to head to their first breakout session, I let out a sigh of relief as the first few dozen women entered the ballroom. (At least I’d have the minimum 30!) Then more women came in, then more women, and then some more. It quickly became clear that we should have prepared for way more than 125 people! By the time my breakout was scheduled to begin, the ballroom in the Overland Park Convention Center was at standing room only with over 350 ladies excited to hear the message on eating to fight inflammation that God had helped me prepare!!!

Friends, our time together was so great! These women were truly looking for answers and positive changes through diet. They asked amazing questions and shared personal stories that tugged on my heartstrings. (It didn’t hurt that my books were being sold as fast as my helpers unloaded them.) The only part about the event that made me sad was that two-thirds of the ladies wouldn’t be going home with a copy of the notes I had so carefully prepared. I promised the ladies that I would post a filled-in version of the outlines by the end of this week here on Healthnut Foodie. Because the lecture was an hour long session, I’ve decided it would be best to break the notes up into three separate posts. After hearing all of the encouraging responses, it occurred to me that you might be excited to learn how to use food to fight inflammation as well!

So without further ado, here we go….

Eating to Fight Inflammation — Part One

In order to know how to fight inflammation, it is important to understand what inflammation is. After sharing my personal story, I took a few minutes to explain what inflammation is, how it can be beneficial and detrimental, and what causes it to become the bad kind. Here are the notes…

What is inflammation?

      1.  Inflammation is our body’s innate and totally HEALTHY response to INJURY and INFECTION.

The healthy inflammation response sends “fighters” like immunity boosting cells and key nutrients to a cut or infection that needs to be healed. This is good inflammation. It heals what has been compromised or broken

       2.  The bad inflammation that we will be trying to prevent today is known as CHRONIC inflammation. When the body is in a state of chronic inflammation, your body is CONSTANTLY RUNNING and has lost the ability to TURN OFF THE SWITCH that keeps fighting.

When your body has made the switch to a state of chronic inflammation, it not only leaves you vulnerable to develop arthritis and other types of visual inflammation, it also leaves you vulnerable develop migraines, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, fibromyalgia, mental disorders, parkinson’s alzheimer’s, and more. This is because once your immune system has been compromised, all forms of chronic disease can appear. 

       3.  There are four main lifestyle choices that can cause your body to morph into a state of chronic inflammation.

  3.   vitamin  D  deficiency
  4.   DIET

    Our bodies are literally comprised of TRILLIONS of cells. Every cell in our body spends each day either fighting, waging war, forging treaties, or making peace with each other. When our bodies experience more peace than war, we will always feel better internally and look better externally.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will be answering the question “Is Processed Food Really That Bad For Me” and sharing the top five things you need to avoid when eating to fight inflammation. After that, I will share the “Top 13 Foods to Eat to Fight Inflammation”. Should be an enlightening week here!!!

(I quite possibly made the world’s best chicken tortilla soup last night!!! Recipe coming next week!!!)


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