VIDEO: 90-Day Update on Reducing Inflammation with Elevated Ketone Levels and Keto-OS

Happy fall! I wanted to take a quick minute to give you my 90-day update on reducing inflammation with elevated ketones levels, and Keto-OS. Friends, this has been a fantastic journey and one that has yielded great results. I have learned so much about elevated ketones, and the healing powers they can provide, that I couldn’t figure out all the information I wanted to share into one little blog post. Plus, I feel so energized and alive these days, that I’ve recommitted to an exercise routine for the first time in over a year. To celebrate, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and make you a video.

Sit back, enjoy my YouTube selfie video taking debut, share your comments below, and then head over to to learn more, order your 30-day supply, and begin your path to Better!

Talk soon, Katie

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  1. Arlene Collins says:

    Katie Boyer! I just stumbled upon a FB link to you, then to this site! Your mom had told me 4,5 years ago of some of your ventures, but I tonight listened to the ketone video (well done) and please must have some links from you for my fiddle-playing friend Joylnn McIntyre Jarvis (PrairieRoseWranglers, Bennet KS) who, age 35 suffers RA (w 1baby 18mo) and also others that come to mind, including achey gramma me tonight (kept Carmen’s 4 over the weekend). So I will continue to read your blogs, I have great interest in the ketone ideas; am using Young Living essential oils myself and gaining benefit, never had to have many pharmas, but some for BP & choles. are not exciting. So you are still living in Shawnee? We moved from 61st to 5908 Goddard, and we attend SBC still, so …hope to hear from you. I plan to send this link to Jolynn….also may friend you on FB if that would be ok. Arlene (Tom) Collins

    • Oh my gosh, Arlene! This is hands down one of my ALL time favorite comments I’ve ever received on my blog! Yes, please pass along the info. I will email you with more info! Would love to catch up!!!


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