Chicken and Mango Thai Salad

This Chicken and Mango Thai Salad is the perfect dinner for a busy night! Our family is in the midst of making the move from Santa Monica to Kansas City; it has been crazy around here! Luckily, I always keep diced and shredded poached chicken breasts in the freezer. This allows me to assemble quick … [Read more...]

Make Ahead Brown Rice

There are so many great recipes that use rice as a base. One of my best "tricks" in the kitchen is something my mom taught me while I was growing up. Short grain brown rice is delicious, chewy, versatile, and full of healing nutrients. Instead of preparing it one dish at a time, take a whole bag and … [Read more...]

Bartending 101: Getting to know your regulars

Have you ever noticed that your favorite bartender can pour you consistent, well measured cocktails without ever using a measuring device? That is because they use a counting method. As a former bartender myself, I have put that practice into use in the kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground … [Read more...]

Fried Egg Meets Fried Rice

This ooey gooey goodness is what evolved when I was trying to plan dinner while Darren read the Wednesday edition of the New York Times (food section, he saw a picture of a fried egg). Tender bites of asparagus, sesame ginger shrimp, and corn, stir fried with fluffy brown rice. How can I possibly … [Read more...]

The Secret to Chinese Cooking

My friend Fenche is Chinese Indonesian, and always shows up to playdates with amazing stir fried noodle and rice dishes! They are full of brightly colored vegetables, lean proteins, and kid-friendly sauces. I keep asking her to share her secrets, and today she did! Want to know the biggest secret of … [Read more...]