Cashew and Chickpea Curry

The spices used in Indian cooking have some amazing, healing benefits. Turmeric, the spice that gives curry it's bright yellow color, has been used to fight cancer, cystic fibrosis, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. It can decrease chronic pain and and is a natural immunity booster. Why have I not been … [Read more...]

Ellie’s First Bites

Ellie is almost five months old, and has been acting extremely interested in watching us eat lately. Other than giving her "bites" of avocado and banana, I haven't really put that much energy into her food. Last night, I washed the dust off of the mini food processor and whipped up a batch of … [Read more...]

A Well Stocked Kitchen

Last night I realized another benefit to doing a lot of home cooking. I had woken up extremely early yesterday to work on the cookbook. The girls and I had breakfast on the pier, storytime at the library, and then entertained friends for lunch. By the time dinner rolled around, I was exhausted and … [Read more...]

Peppermint Bon Bons- Part Two

When making special treats, I believe it is truly quality over quantity. I use only the highest quality, full flavored ingredients. This makes the treat more decadent, so you are satisfied with a smaller portion. I envisioned rich, peppermint bon bons as the chocolate portion of Annie's second … [Read more...]

“Fast Food”

On the eve of Annie's second birthday party, I am thankful for a well stocked freezer. Conventional freezer foods are convenient, but seem to be either full of unhealthy ingredients or are extremely overpriced. The next time you want to make a recipe that calls for a 13 x 9 inch dish (lasagna, … [Read more...]